Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #11: Highlights from First 100

That's right folks, this is our blog's 100th post! And we have only just begun to dazzle and amaze you! As you may notice, there are a couple changes that we've made, from new text, to new links, to cooler content in the tabs across the top. Poke around and have fun!

As a way of highlighting some of the best posts in the past year or so, we'll take a walk down memory lane and show the 13 posts with the most comments from most to least (as a side note, I found 6 posts I started and never finished...I think that may say something about my attention span):

1. Rachel's 23rd Birthday (8 comments): this shows off what we were up to last September 16th to celebrate the day of my birth.

2. I've Always Been Afraid of Diving Boards (7 comments): this was the first post that I began to talk about my infertility. It was a scary post for me, but people seem to enjoy learning more about this area of our lives.

3. #13: Make a Completely New Meal (5 comments): I made a delicious meal full of foods I have never tried before, which was one of the goals of my Live List. Seriously, so good!

4. Button, Button, Whose Got the Button? (5 comments): Yeah, I made a button for our blog, but I don't like that one, and it's kind of irrelevant now. So use this button instead!

5. Thursday Thirteen #5: Favorite Old School T.V. Shows (5 comments): I listed 13 of my favorite T.V. shows from when I was a kid. There are more, but for another day.

6. #37: Play with my camera until I can use all its features effectively (5 comments): Another from my Live List, I posted some pictures that I took after learning a bit more about my camera.

(At this point, there are 10 posts with 4 comments, so I am going to just choose my favorite from those)

7. Full-Speed Ahead (4 comments): this post announces that we were going to begin working on the adoption process. I remember how great it felt to have a plan to find our family!

8. On Our Way (4 comments): this post announces that we officially sent in our first set of adoption paperwork. WOO HOO!

9. Pass-A-Long (4 comments): you wanna see what our pass-a-long cards look like? Here they are! Do you want some to share? Send us your address with a comment (I won't post) or send us your email and mailing address with our handy dandy new gadget on the sidebar! (Nicholas made it...yeah, I married a genius!)

10. Thursday Thirteen #2: Dream Home Inclusions (4 comments): I really love this post! Nicholas and I talk about our dream home a lot. Here we share with you what we really want in our home, some we can have now, some are for later, and some maybe kept in our dreams.

11. Thursday Thirteen #4: Questions I Have About Interior Design (4 comments): thank you everyone for all your great advice! We haven't quite got to redecorating yet, but we're almost there and pictures are coming!

12. No Wonder Every Picture of Women in the 50's Looks Happy (4 comments): I put this one up for my mother-in-law, Laurie (I call her Mom). I know she reads the blog and she really enjoyed this post!

13. Anticipation Mounted? Check. (4 comments): here we unveil our new home in only some of its glory! It's improved a lot in the past few weeks. More pictures to come!

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Jill Elizabeth said...

I like the new look of the blog! Good stuff, all :o)