Tuesday, February 16, 2010

#13: Make a completely new meal.

Tonight I began living off my list and made a completely new meal full of foods I have never tried to make before. I suppose that's not entirely true...we had white grape juice which I have made previous to tonight, however, everything else was brand new to my repotoire.

 Tonight's Menu
Side: Italian cut green beans with oil and Italian seasonings
Pasta: Linguine (never tried this type of noodle)
Main Course: Chicken Cacciatore (oh yeah, that's Italian)
Dessert: No-Bake/Whatever Cookies

I will be the first to admit that I am no chef, but all of this was rip roarin' delicious!! Quite seriously, through some cooking miracle, it WORKED! The sauce was delicately seasoned to perfection, the cookies were a perfect combination of chocolatey and coconuty goodness, and even the beans had something special to them tonight!

I really did pat myself on the back during dinner tonight...gotta relish my little victories!


Greg Nelson Family said...

Good job Rachel!!! I love trying out new recipes. You should check out kraftfoods.com. They have wonderful easy recipes and they don't have many ingredients to them. It is one of my new favorite "cookbooks".

Lauren Davison said...

Okay, Rachel. Here's the deal. You can't just bake something called "chicken Cacciatore", say it was divine, and then NOT GIVE THE RECIPE!? BAH! Seriously. I expect a followup post shortly...

Jenni said...

WAY TO GO! It makes me hungry! I remember in college your buttery mac and cheese, your toasty pancakes and delicious signature spaghetti. You used to say how you didn't cook besides the spaghetti and look at you now! I want to come to your house for dinner tonight!!!

Rachel said...

First off Lauren, the recipe is in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. If you don't have the book, I'll send you the recipe.

Second J, I would love it if you came to my house for dinner...but tonight we're just going to have egg burritos, nothing fancy. So I'd wait until I get courageous again!

Lauren Davison said...

Ooh yes! I don't have the cookbook... Could you send it to davisonphotography@gmail.com? That would be so awesome! And hey--those egg burritos sound fantastic to me! :)