Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned from Calvin and Hobbes

Another reason I love my husband is because while he is daily a mild-mannered physicist, he also begins each day with a little literature. Some politics, current events, and definitely some college football updates. Among this seemingly predictable list is something no one saw coming, not even me when I first found out about his possibly unhealthy habit. Every morning, my sweet husband, reads his daily Calvin and Hobbes. He reads because "it provides deep and meaningful insight into the human condition" (yes, that is a direct quote). He imagines joining Spaceman Spiff on his extra-terrestrial adventures and contemplates the joys of raising such a boy with such an active immagination.
Here are a couple strips that Nicholas found particularly applicable to his daily encounters.

(I think when Nick decided to pursue physicism that he imagined that's what it would be like.)

(Nicholas said that "different types of Gusto require different apparel," so he doesn't always need a helmet and cape.)

This is one that I thought really spoke to my values and capabilities:

We also love The Far Side, Doug, and The Emperor's New Groove as additional inspirational media sources.

He makes me laugh EVERYDAY!