Saturday, February 27, 2010

#1: Smash a cake into my husband's face.

This past Thursday I continued living from my list and participated in a time-honored and cherished event in our marriage: smashing cake into Nicholas' face. Like many great things it was completely spontaneous and messy, so I didn't have my camera at the ready to capture it. So, instead, I am posting pictures of some past cake smashings and will tell you a bit about each of them. Sorry, most of these pictures were developed then scanned are not super high quality, but they do the job!

This is the inaugural smashing on Nicholas' 22nd birthday. We barely knew each other, but I just had a hankering to hit someone with food! If you really embraced your feelings, you'd admit you feel the same way occasionally.

One thing you should know about Nick is that he does not take these cake smashings lying down. No way! He retaliates! After the surprise of the first smashing wore off, he got me back by bombing me with flour.

Well, I couldn't just let that happen. So at the ward Halloween party, while Nick was coming around on the Cake Walk (he should have seen that coming), I nailed him with a cake my roommates and I had just won! Oh, sweet revenge!

This one is at Nick's Appreciation Day, a little tradition our Family Home Evening Group designed to have a good excuse to party. And with parties comes cake. And with cake comes, well... 
Much to my original dismay, my roommates convinced me to invite Nicholas to Preference. If you were me, how would you do it? I decided to bake a cake, cut it in half, layer it for optimal smashing effect, write "Preference?" on the top, and then of course give Nick no time to read it as it hurled towards his face when he opened the door. Awesome!
Note how the cake is all up in his ear. That's how you can recognize a quality smashing.

He responded with an ambush cake answering "YES." To be explained later...
This was at my Appreciation Day. I think at this point we were technically dating. For this one, Nick was very sneaky and hid an EXTRA CAKE under the counter so I wouldn't see it coming. Even though he initiated this fight, it looks like to me he got the worst of it! I love winning.
Moving forward about 8 months, we dated, got engaged, and were making wedding preparations. One way to be sure you are marrying the right man is for Valentine's Day he gives you a bunch of things that remind him of you. Of course, that would include cake.

He re-enacted his response to my "Preference?" cake, and allowed me to smash half of it into his face without retaliation, fighting, or anything. What a man I married! I look like such a retard in this picture.

I don't know what TLC was thinking, but The Ultimate Cake-Off happened on April 28, 2006. The culmination of every dirty shirt and inhaled chocolate before it. No explanation needed, just enjoy!
That last picture is of Nick consuming THE ONLY PIECE of our wedding cake that actually went into his mouth!

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Lauren Davison said...

It sure seems like Nick gets the bad end on all those fights... Poor Nick. He just doesn't match up to your ninja cake skills!