Thursday, September 6, 2012

Piglet's Adoption Story, Part 3

***I know I never finished Alexa's adoption story, or at least it's been quite sometime since the last installment, and even more time since the first installment, so bear with me because these last two parts are the best parts of the story!***

So we went home after meeting Ray and Melissa for the first time feeling good, but not trying to get overly excited as our hearts were still aching from the Hayley and Hannah situation which was still very fresh on our minds and hearts. We decided, however, that at bare minimum we needed a crib and a carseat which we ordered from Walmart since Melissa's tentative due date was still two weeks away.

That meeting was February 11, 2011, and it wasn't really until February 13th that we really let ourselves believe this was really happening, and it wasn't until the 16th that we decided to pack hospital bags and leave them in the car, just in case something did happen early.

On February 15, 2011, Nick and I expressed these thoughts in our daily journal respectively:
"As the prospect of having a baby looms larger over our lives right now, it's both an exciting and stressful time." 
"As our daughter's birth draws closer, I am growing more nervous that something is bound to go wrong."

On February 17th I was working late (because I knew I'd be out for a while, even if I hadn't told my boss or co-workers to avoid a false-alarm fiasco again) and my phone rang. I assumed it was Nick because he was also still at work and just letting me know he was on his way home. I was wrong. It was our case worker, and when I answered he asked me "Are you ready? Because it's time. They're at the hospital." My stomach leaped right into me throat and immediately got that "her water just broke" kind of panic in my demeanor. 

I called answer. So I called again while I was fumbling around my cubicle turning things off and putting things in piles so others could easily find what I'm referring to when they call me and ask me answer again. So I called again when I was running out of the office to the car and as I drove away from my job for, I was hoping, at least 6 weeks...still no answer. So I called again as I'm driving down the freeway towards our house trying to remain calm that my husband won't answer his phone and our baby maybe being delivered right then...and still no answer! I think I called a total of 13 times before he called me back at which point I was able to tell him that our daughter was coming, and we have a 2 hour drive to make and what are we going to do?! I was nearly hyperventilating from excitement and nervous energy. 

During that two hours we talked about names for our baby (it was between Natalie, Grace, or Alexa), the fact that we didn't have a carseat (the one we ordered hadn't arrived yet), and that had I gotten pulled over while driving like a maniac on the way to the house I would have had a really hard time convincing the officer that I was going to pick up my husband to take him to the hospital so we could be there for our daughter's birth. We also called our family and our bosses, but nothing seemed to fill the time enough. And yet when we got to the hospital it seemed like we could have used another 5 hours in the car to prepare ourselves. I don't care when you become a parent, I bet it seems like you're not prepared.

We got there a bit after 9pm, and we met Ray and Melissa for only the second time up in the hospital room. They were so respectful and allowed us to make the decisions on immunizations and they made sure every nurse knew who we were and why we were there. It was overwhelming how committed they were to this decision they had made. Melissa invited both of us to be in the delivery room for the birth, which I eagerly agreed to do, and Nick hesitated to do because he didn't want to make Melissa uncomfortable...well, more uncomfortable anyway. What another incredible gift they were giving to us when we know they would have been totally justified in not giving it at all!

As Melissa's contractions increased, we did our best to pass the time by talking and learning more about each other, although I don't really remember what we talked about. I do remember, however, that every time Melissa had a contraction I tensed up really bad, gripped Nick's hand, and felt so guilty that she had to go through all that pain just so I could be a Mom. It wasn't fair and I wished I could have taken it all away! Oh, I felt so guilty!

Her big contractions seemed to last a long time, but I think she was in active labor for an hour and a half. It was so late at that point, around 1am, and we were all so tired, but Melissa kept pushing (and asking for more drugs). Just before Alexa was born, there was a swarm of nurses and doctors around Melissa, but once I heard that little cry, and once I saw her tiny little body my stomach jumped up into my throat and she was mine. My little girl had just been born!

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