Monday, April 4, 2011

Piglet's Story, Part 1

On Monday, January 31, 2011, we got a phone call. No, it wasn't the phone call, but a phone call from our caseworker. We found out that Hannah, the little girl we were planning on adopting the previous Saturday, would not be in our family because her mom decided to keep her as her own. We were sad to find this out, but also happy for these two young women. They are an adorable little family and we have been blessed by the opportunity to have known them. Truly an incredible and life-enriching experience, even if things didn't progress as we had originally hoped. We continue to keep this little family in our thoughts and prayers. I promise that there are no hard feelings on our end, just love and admiration. (To read more about this experience, click here)

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I'll tell you: because unexpectedly in that same phone call, our case worker told me that the next Tuesday (Feb. 8th) he was going to be talking with another couple and he wanted to share our profile with them if we were up for it. If there is one thing we have learned throughout this process it has been that we can be happy for others' families without feeling like God has neglected ours. So, even though we were sad about our failed adoption, we were still very eager to find our family. I quickly agreed to his offer and we began to revamp our blog and ItsAboutLove profile for our next adventure in finding our family.

That week was CA-RAZY busy! Nick had late nights at work every single night, and I stayed busy trying to distract myself with activities that had been neglected during our first adoption experience: working out, house cleaning, showering, eating...ya know, fluff stuff like that.

**Flash forward to Wednesday, February 9, 2011**

(yeah, I just flashed you forward in're welcome.)

I was at work in a meeting with our CFO which went long, as most meetings with her tend to do because we spend half the time chatting about non-CFO-type-stuff. So, I went back to my cubicle and realized I had 2 missed calls, one from our case worker and one from Nick. I would say I was relatively calm while I returned Nick's phone call without listening to either of the messages they left. The conversation went something along these lines:

Nick: Hi
Me: Hey, what's going on?
Nick: Are you ready for this?

I ask you, how does someone get ready for news, that was sure to be crazy judging by his tone, when their heart is racing and all the calm and cool they were sure they had disappears? 

Me: Sure, what's up?
Nick: They picked us.

Initiate roller coaster, near heart-explounding, near pants-wetting, and extended idiot-grinning.

(Just in case you didn't know, "explounding" is a word I just made up. It's when something pounds so hard it explodes. Be jealous.)

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