Thursday, June 10, 2010

#7: Visit Colorado's Capital Building

I unintentionally lived from my list on Tuesday as this wasn't so much a visit as it was a job interview, but I still went inside and walked around. It was very regal, very different than Oregon's capital. And there's no dude on the top, which is always disappointing.

This is Oregon's State Capital, which is literally blocks from my high school. The dude on top is a pilgrim coming to Oregon. You can go up and stand right under him and see the entire city!  

Here's Colorado's capital. There is currently construction happening in the left side of the picture.

I was still completely thrilled to be at the capital building, especially since I've been studying politics, I appreciate what goes on there even more!

Anyway, the job is with the Lt. Governor's office, and would be an AWESOME opportunity for me. I'll let you know if there is good news to share!


Chilly Beans said...

Hey Rachel - good pictures. What kind of a camera do you have? You're taking some really good pictures that have fantastic depth of field, and I'm curious to know the apperture setting on your camera that allows you to do that. James just got a camera a couple of days ago that only goes up to F8. We are having a fun time playing with it. I really like your pictures.

Rachel said...

Sorry, I should have said this, but these aren't my pictures. I didn't have any pictures of the buildings available. I did take many of the other pictures on the blog, but not these.

As far as aperture goes, it really depends on the effect I want what setting I use. Higher numbers give you a larger depth of field, lower numbers give you smaller depth of field (blurry backgrounds). I tend to like the blurry backgrounds, but that's just me. Play around with it and enjoy! Post some pics on your blog!