Wednesday, June 9, 2010

From Orphan to Legend

A good friend of mine from high school told me that she thinks of Nicholas and I EVERYday because of a billboard along I-5 in Oregon that has a picture of this man

that says: "From Orphan to Legend."

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, love, well wishes, and friendship. This process would be infinitely harder without our friends and family to support us. We know we have and will continue to be blessed by the hand of God daily.

And we know, that when the time is right, our child will come into our lives and hearts and forever change us. We will happily wait patiently for that day.
"It is important to know, when you feel depressed, that many others do also and that their circumstances are generally much worse than yours. And it’s important to know that when one of us is down, it becomes the obligation of his friends to give him a lift. I hope that each of us will cultivate a sensitivity toward the feelings of others, and when encouragement is needed, make an effort to extend it. Be a friend, and you will have a friend. God be thanked for wonderful friends."
President Gordon B. Hinckley

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