Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #13: Musicals I Love

I like to think of this as golden post as it's the thirteenth post for this list of 13 series.

I use the term "musical" loosely. If it has music, and is some type of media entertainment, it's a possibility. In really no particular order (just what I think of first):

1. Mr. Holland's Opus: I put this first because I'm singing "Who Could Ask for Anything More?" which I learned because of this film. Classic. You can watch the entire movie on YouTube, FYI, but here's a little piece.
2. 7 Brides for 7 Brothers: My sister Jen grew up wanting to marry a man with red, curly hair...and guess what, SHE DID, although, he's not much of a dancer! (J/K Kacey!)

3. Singin in the Rain: This is the one that started it all, for me at least. I always tell Nicholas if Gene Kelly were around today, he'd have some competition.
You're going to have to click here to see the video, one of my favorite songs!

4. It Happened in Brooklyn: Old Blue Eyes, even though you can't tell they're blue in this black and white flick, he won my heart with this film!

5. The Sound of Music: One of the couple "non-church" movies we could watch on Sundays. Seriously Maria: Coolest. Mom. Ever.

6. The Fiddler on the Roof: I always liked that the family had all girls, just like mine. Nicholas really likes this one as well. He sings "Tradition" when making points in arguments often.

7. The Wizard of Oz: I played the farmer munchkin in my church's production, and I still remember all my lines...and yes, there was more than one!

8. Hairspray: You guys know how much I love Hairspray from my last Friday post, but let me reiterate, IT'S AWESOME! I was skeptical at first, but it is completely hilarious! See?

9. You're a Good Man Charlie Brown: yeah, I played Woodstock in a high school performance of this. That's right, chorus line. Very prestigious. Charlie Brown's views of book report echo my own.

10. Pirates of Penzance: Nicholas and I saw this in Provo live, and it was spectacular! Gilbert & Sullivan, you crazy geniuses you! Nick's favorite line is that he knows "many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse."

11. Annie Get Your Gun: Saw this live with my high school boyfriend's family. Fell in love with the show...already was smitten over the boy, but this ensured our eternal future... or maybe not. Who knew?

12. My Fair Lady: Did you know that Julie Andrews sang for Audrey Hepburn in the film. If you listen, it's Julie without a doubt! Nicholas really likes this one, too (mostly because he thinks Professor Higgins is pretty hilarious).

13. Moulin Rouge: Okay, I put this movie on par with Grease--hate the movie, love the music! Ewan McGregor makes my heart flutter a bit. FYI, I had Into the Woods in this spot, but could not find a decent clip. It's a great movie/broadway hit! Thank you Stubbs Family for culturizing me!

Honorable mention: Saturday's Warrior. Completely inaccurate when it comes to...well, almost all doctrine, but the music is fun and you know I love me a good song about noses!

I know I did not include ALL the good ones, but it's probably best that I limit myself to 13, since I could bore you all day with musicals I love! 

Ya know, I just realized, there's not a single Disney movie on here. I just suppose some of my favorite singing animals will have to wait for a new post...


The Greg Nelson Family said...

I think this list is a beautiful compilation of some of the greatest musicals of all time. however i must disagree with the song choice from "My Fair Lady". I understand that as a woman, you probably wouldn't want to choose "why can't a woman be more like a man" or " let a woman in your life", but there are still "I'm getting married in the morning" and "little bit of luck" to choose from.I feel that either of the two are better than the song "Loverly"

by the way, Kandice wanted me to say that this is Greg.

Rachel said...

I never said these were the best songs in the musicals, I'm just showing the musicals.

By the way, I knew it was Greg. It's easy to tell the difference in the writing voice.