Friday, January 17, 2014

You Got to Admit It's Getting Better

...It's getting better all the time!

I realize I didn't blog, I mean at all, in the month of December. It was a little crazy, but mostly I was a little preoccupied dealing with this:

Potty training, without question or competition, is the worst part of parenting so far -- bar none! Since the beginning of October there has been seemingly endless tantrums and accidents and I can't decide if her bedding has never been cleaner or never been dirtier. And perhaps the worst of all this has been me...I definitely became a monster mom during this process!

That being said, she's basically potty-trained, both day and night!! There are occasional accidents (like maybe 2 per week), and sure, she's two so there are still tantrums. But at least one kid is totally out of diapers. We're so excited -- we're giving a whole new meaning to potty dance!!

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