Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Luxury of Adoption

I have an acquaintance who just announced she's having twins, a boy and a girl. We have another friend who had twin girls last year.

At one time I really wanted that, (as a kid I said I always wanted "twin boys and an older sister") and now I think it's highly unlikely that will ever happen. Or at least it probably won't happen in the way I thought it would. But like many things when your a kid, you get a little older and realize that's not what you really want at all.

When I envision my future family, instead of blonde/brown haired children with similar genetic patterns, I think I now picture something that looks a little more like this family, The Dennehys (YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THAT LINK!!).

Favorite quote from the video: "We're such victims of our culture because our culture tells us your kids have to look perfect and be in all the perfect schools and you can't do that with a big family, but if you just concentrate on what's important the rest will follow."

I was talking with my Mother-in-Law the other day and telling her how privileged I feel to be able to look at children in need of a home and family and immediately think "Is there something I can do?" instead of families who are strictly biological who may not have that luxury of thinking that way.

I call it a luxury very intentionally. I do not mean to say that I am a Saint for adopting the one child I have adopted, but I do know of the luxurious feeling I have when I think of what my family will be like someday. The essence of the lap of luxury is love, and that's what adoption is!

Adopting is not about us giving a loving home and family to children, it's about our children receiving a loving home and family and life that they may not have otherwise have had. Adoption was never about Nick or me, it has always been about our kids.

Alright Sneetch, please come soon so we can take the next step on this road to our family together! We're so excited to meet you, and seeing families like The Dennehy's make us all the more excited! Love ya, kido!

(If you want to learn more about The Dennehy's, you can YouTube them or follow this link where the dad talks about how they got each one of their kids.)

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