Friday, November 23, 2012

Sharing is Caring


Here Alexa is trying to share a delicious delectable delight with Daddy, but Daddy knows better!

We had other delicious delectable delights yesterday when we shared our Thanksgiving holiday with our friends, The Parkers! It may have been the most delicious meal I have ever eaten!

When biological family is inaccessible, we turn to our friends in our neighborhood and create a new type of family -- one not connected by blood...hmmm...not a terribly new concept for us!

Our family is so grateful that we get to see Alexa's birth family tomorrow and share some of the holiday season with them. It is so wonderful that we get to be around all sorts of family during this time of year!

How special it is that we get to spend one day a year thinking about all the ways our lives have been blessed, and too avoid an obscenely long post I won't list them, but let me just say, our hearts are so full!

And just so you're aware, it is now okay to listen to Christmas music! YAY! No one is happier about that than I am, but you got to respect Thanksgiving by not listening to Christmas music before today. It's not Thanksgiving's fault it doesn't have music!

Have a wonderful weekend celebrating the beginning of the Christmas season! God bless!

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