Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fifteen #1: Things I Miss About Oregon

It quite literally just occurred to me that Thursday completely blew right past me. From work to school to other amazing things, I think I thought about the blog and how yesterday was Thursday maybe ONCE!

Seeing as how I am sure everyone of you was crying out in overwhelming grief and sadness because I missed my weekly Thursday Thirteen, I decided to institute Friday Fifteens, the main purpose of which is to provide restitution for the missed Thursday ritual.

Today I needed something I would have no trouble coming up with 15 things for, so without further adieu, 15 things I miss about living in Oregon:

1. All-Year Green
Yeah, that's real. It's called Opal Creek. Favorite.

2. Trees


3. Rain

4. Overcast Days

5. The Beach
Some of us may like the beach more than others. Yes, my niece, she's eating handfuls of sand!

6. Mo’s

7. Riverfront Park

8. Dazy Maze
(I couldn't find a picture but it's a consignment shop in Keizer and I miss it!)

9. Fred Meyer

10. 87 degree highs in the summer
This is North Fork. On really hot days we'd drive out and just play at Three Pools. Good times.

11. Wet Snow (best for snowball fights and snowmen)

12. Burgerville

13. Abundant Blackberries

14. Puddles

15. Living Close to Family!


~*Jen*~ said...

It's like you read my mind or something! LOL ;)

Jill Elizabeth said...

First picture - unreal. Absolutely gorgeous!

Fifth picture - absolutely adorable :o)

exclusive_remedy said...

You know, I agree with much of this assessment of why Oregon is great. But, seeing as I am living in Oregon now and it has rained practically every single day since the beginning of the year (that might be an exaggeration) I would say that I would like it to stop raining. At least for a bit.

Ashley said...

VooDoo Doughnuts should be on your list. If not, get yourself down there and get a bacon maple bar. NOW.