Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Is How I Roll

Or more politically correct, this is the vocation that I am pursuing.

I know when I say I am getting my Master's degree in Public Administration (all done in August!) people give me blank stares and many eyes glaze over. Allow me to clarify a bit about what I want to do: nonprofit work in education policy. A couple reasons for that choice are (1) nonprofits need hard-working, passionate, and intelligent people who aren't too concerned about making billions of dollars, which I fit the bill perfectly! And (2), the education system in this country is in need of some serious overhaul! Check out this video that the nonprofit I'm interning with this summer is screening:


I chose education policy because things like this are happening all over the country, and it's not okay.

If you would like to actually see the film in person, go here for showings in your area. 

At the Stapleton screening in Colorado, there will be a panel discussion following the screening with Lt. Governor Barbara O'Brien, Speaker of the House Terrance Carroll, Denver School Board President Nate Easley, and Denver School of Science and Technology CEO Bill Kurtz moderated by Education Reform Now’s Van Schoales. 

For us policy nerds, that gathering of people is like getting the cast of Friends together to talk about a reunion show. Seriously exciting stuff! 

Feel free to leave comments on your feelings of the state of education in America: it's flaws, strengths, and possible solutions if they're necessary. Or not...thanks for indulging me!

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~*Jen*~ said...

I totally agree. Reform is LONG OVERDUE. I entered Katelyn into a lottery for one of the charter schools us and she didn't make it in. It tears you apart when you try to get the best for your child and you can't have it because there just isn't the resources or the funding for it!