Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Letter to My 1 Year Old

Dear Alexa,

Daddy and I love you very much and can't believe how much you have grown! It's hard to remember our life before you, and impossible to imagine our family without you. We love Ray and Melissa very much and are so grateful for the decision they made a year ago to let us be a part of your life. There are no words to express how much they love you, so they placed you in our family instead. What wonderful people they are and they wish you the happiest of birthdays also!

The pic on the left was taken exactly one year ago, and the pic on the right was taken today.
Just as a side note, Nick is totally wearing the same shirt in both pictures! What a steady guy I married!

I want you to know that we have had such a fun year together! You absolutely love to sneak up on Daddy or I, but don't particularly enjoy being sneaked up upon. You are insanely ticklish and when the time of day is just right and Daddy or I get just the right tickle spot you get these really crazy eyes and smile and laugh, which is one of my favorite games to play with you. When I need to do dishes or work in the kitchen or to do my makeup or hair you are always right at my feet ready to help! When I actually need to get some things done then sometimes I have you watch this sign-language video which you do happily. You always laugh or talk or giggle when the sign for "baby" comes on because you love watching the babies. You don't like to miss a beat, so you've never been really great at sleeping in public. You are a super fast crawler, and you can stand for just a few seconds, and really don't have much of an interest in walking since crawling is working just fine for you so far. I imagine that, just like you did with crawling, you'll figure out a good reason to start walking and pick it up in no time flat! You want to be a big kid so much, so you just love playing with kids at church that are a good 2-3 years older than you, even if you get hurt on occasion. Your favorite foods are crackers, cookies, and rice--our little grains girl! You love to turn pages while Daddy and I read to you, so you love The Foot Book and Hop on Pop because there are not many words on each page. You also have a fetish for the That's Not My...(Puppy, Monkey, Dragon, etc.) books and you know where to touch on each page. We had a monkey-themed birthday party for you and you really enjoyed your banana cake and playing with everyone who came to celebrate the wonderful you!

Here is a link to the banana cake recipe I used and here is a link to the cake design I used (chocolate covered raisins for the nose and tootsie rolls for the hair were the only changes I made).

Watching you grow this past year and being able to be a part of it has truly been the greatest joy of my life, and doing it all with Daddy only makes every moment sweeter. I can hardly believe you're one, and it scares and excites me as to how quickly it has all gone by. I know you will continue to amaze Daddy and me in all the wonderful things you do throughout your life, and I look forward to everyday I get to spend with you from now until forever. You are my favorite little girl, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to express to you how much myself, Daddy, and your Heavenly Father love you.

Happy Birthday, Alexa!

Love Always and Forever,
Mommy (or "Mom-mom" as you prefer to call me)

Top pic was taken exactly a year ago and the bottom one was taken today.

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Happy Birthday Alexa!