Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Mommy Blues

Good morning (afternoon to some) to you all! I just wanted to share something with you:

{dun nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh}

I got the blues. I got the low down...
my baby is crawling all over-eating by herself-getting two top teeth-and doesn't need her mommy anymore blues.

I've been kinda feelin' that way recently. I know it sounds a little crazy seeing as how she's only 8 months old, (and crying in her crib) but it's true. My little helpless baby is growing up too fast and before I need it won't need me to spoon feed her, change her diaper, or even get her dressed.

Did I mention she's getting hair? My little bald beauty baby is no more. So sad.

She maybe growing up, and it maybe a little sad, but it's also super cute! I've got bunches of adorable pictures in store for you, but this one of her eating birthday cake will have to do for today.

Enjoy her 8 month adorable-ness while you still can!

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Nelson Family said...

I know the feeling. Don't be too sad though, because one-year-olds are the cutest ever!