Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Riddance 2LBS, Hello Roses!

My cousin Kara received 24 roses from her brother the other day because of a great loss in her life.

She lost 24 lbs. and her brother (and sister-in-law, my guess is she had something to do with it), sent her a rose for each pound lost. How awesome is that?!

When I reach my goal weight (which I'm 2 pounds closer to since this morning!), I hope someone sends me 16 roses.

Nick, I know you read my posts, so just keep this in mind for later!

Since two weeks ago I have gotten up by 6:15 most mornings, headed over to the gym, and worked out for at least 50 minutes. Somewhere around 40 minutes of cardio, then jumping rope or jumping jacks, and then a short ab work-out to finish things off. Also, I have really decreased my snack intake in between meals. I no longer graze all day, which I think gets me into trouble. I eat breakfast, a couple hours later I have a small snack (if I'm hungry), a couple hours after I have lunch (usually soup), a small snack a little later, then dinner. My snacks are no longer just hoards of whatever I can find. A few crackers and some fruit. It's good. And if I want ice cream, a couple bites work, I don't need 3 ginormous scoops. I'm not making huge changes, but lots of small ones.

Working out, eating less, and eating better when I do eat...who knew one could lose weight like that?

I'm also learning what foods I am willing to sacrifice, substitute, and not willing to do either. For example, I will not eat low fat ice cream, but low fat yogurt instead of the original is just fine. Reduced Fat Ranch dressing is pretty gross, but Reduced Fat Sour Cream is pretty indistinguishable from the original. Maybe over time my taste buds will evolve, but for now these small changes will do.

Counting calories doesn't work for me; my food choices need to focus more on portion control and substituting bad for good. We'll get from good to better and better to best eventually, but I'm staying positive and motivated, which is hard to do when you're making a lot of changes in diet and exercise.

What I'm trying to say is yay for me, and good riddance 2 lbs!

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Jessica said...

Yay for losing 2 lbs! You make a good point, just make small changes. That's probably where I've had my problem, just trying to make the big change. I will have to keep that in mind and hopefully start losing as well! Miss you lady!