Friday, March 18, 2011

Right Here, Right Now

Four weeks ago right now I was in the nursery with this little girl watching her try out her new lungs during her measurement/torture session just after birth.

Now I am watching her fight sleep with that same gusto but a little less far.

I wonder where the next 4 weeks are going to take us.

For now, I'm super content just being with my baby girl right here, right now in our rocking chair at 3:30am not sleeping together.

Thanks for the happiest four weeks, bugga-boo! It's been made up of moments just like this that have forever re-shaped my heart. That's where you grew inside of me, and that's where my love for you will grow forever.


SparklingStudent said...

I'm so sO SO very happy for you three! I can't wait to meet her when you all come back to Oregon for a visit :)
I love you, Rachie, and I just want to hug you and Nick and grin like an idiot while I look at your lil' family!

BRZZ Odom said...

It's been a while since I checked in on your blog! SOOO excited for y'all!! Congrats! You were a great mom before you even had her, and I know you'll continue to be one ;)