Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The First Day of Jobhood

Today was my first day in the new job I just got, and I'll tell you what: it is AWESOME! The people seem fabulous, and I get my own

*phone extension
*name placard
*business cards
*email address
*white board
(I'm really geeking out over this list, I can't even explain it)

and I get to pretty much, with the exception of a bunch of meetings I need to attend, make my own schedule. It doesn't pay a whole lot, but I more than doubled our annual income (not saying a lot there) and got us dental insurance!

Okay, those are the perks of the job, but let me tell you what I actually do (and try to avoid gaging on this one): I'm a data analyst. You heard me right, I analyze data! Remember the statistics course I stopped after one semester in high school partly because my teacher (Mr. Atkinson) was a complete num skull and partly because I hated every minute of actual statistics? Yeah, that's basically what I do, or will do starting tomorrow, and I absolutely love it! Partly I think it's the organization and the people I am doing the work for. They really believe that I am going to do a good job, so even when I look at all the things they're asking me to do and think "there's no way" I feel capable when they look at me and think "she's incredible." I will try to never underestimate the power that thinking the most of others can have on their lives.

The organization I am working for is called Parent Pathways, which helps teen parents raise healthy families. It funds an alternative high school for teen mothers. Now I know what you're thinking: "Shouldn't Rachel be encouraging these moms to place their child for adoption rather than keep their babies because, well, she's trying to adopt?" You're probably right, but I know that not every teen mom was meant for adoption. My oldest sister Cindy wasn't, and she was able to create a beautiful family with the father of her children. These moms who are trying their best, given their situations, to improve their children's lives should get the help they need to do so. Overall, I feel like while this solution to teen pregnancy isn't perfect, it is beneficial in reality.

Let me just say I never would have guessed, not in a million years, that I would be getting business cards with the job title Data Analyst on them! But I do feel like God has known all along, and this is where He wants me to be. I am truly grateful for this job, and the fact I don't have to write anymore cover letters for a while.

And yes, I totally called my voicemail about 5 times today just to hear my name, and the first time I did I hung up really fast because I thought I had actually called a real person who answered their phone. Very professional, I know.


Natalie said...

Rach, I'm so happy for you! The job sounds great! And I totally love the fact that you called yourself and hung up...you're the best. :)

Lauren Davison said...

PAH! Oh, I adore you, Rachel. Congratulations on the job, and bravo for landing one you love!! :)

Stout Ranch said...

Hey Rachel & Nicholas! We just found your blog through FSA.
I started looking at your live list and wanted to offer our place for you to full fill #12. We have a 46 acre ranch in Northern Colorado and there are NO lights so star gazing with or without a telescope is way fun. We have a nice grass pasture you can pitch a tent (an full fill #23 also) if you are interested in camping, or just come up for a few hours.
I know we don't know you but anyone going through LDS FS (as we are) is A-Ok in our book!