Friday, October 26, 2012

On Octobers

On Tuesday Alexa and I walked around outside for a bit to enjoy the perfectly October weather and colors. We really did just take a picture of everything outside that screamed October! Shown here is only a handful of our spoils.

It's quite possible October is my favorite month of the year...although November, December, February, April, and September are all pretty great, too. But let me just postulate on October for a moment.

(Sorry if your favorite month didn't make the cut...write your own blog post about it.)

My favorite person in the world was born in this month, and the most current version of our family was sealed in this month! Also, two words for you: Halloween costumes! 

If you're not loving this month as much as we are, here are some simple steps to change your attitude: 
Step 1 -  Pick a Dandelion.

Step 2 - Savor a wish.

 Step 3 - Wipe the seeds that stuck to your sticky face off.

 Step 4 - Throw some leaves in the air.

Step 5 - Play in tree branches on your mom's shoulders while she attempts to wrangle a picture of the special October moment.

Step 6 - Instead of being sad, be awesome instead. That's what we do. True story.

That would be a piece of a Clementine stuck in her teeth. Good thing she can pull it off.

In our house, we adopt the Anne of Green Gables philosophy towards October...

And Octobers in Colorado are particularly interesting, because on Tuesday it was this:

And today we woke up to this:

Oh October, you're just as indecisive as I am. No wonder we get along so well. Happy weekend everyone!

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