Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aly TV: Animal Sounds

One of Alexa's favorite books is "Quack Quack!".  It's a book with large pictures of various animals with little patches of "fur" on each one that you can touch and feel.  For several months now she's loved to read it before bed.  There really aren't many words in the book, so we end up going through, asking what each animal says, and making the appropriate animal noise.  Some of them she picked up really quickly, like the cat saying "meow". Some of them are still a little rough.  She has no idea what the pig says most of the time. Still it's been fun to see her figure them out.  And it's even more fun to show her real live animals and then see her make the connection between her book and the real world.

Yesterday Rachel caught Aly after lunch on video and asked her about the animal sounds.  Enjoy!

Animal Sounds from Nick Nelson on Vimeo.

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Rachel said...

We were reading a book at the library today with animals and she said the Pig says "Cookie" again! So funny!