Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stupidly Proud Parent Moment

Our baby is 18-Months old and we are so proud of our rambunctious, crazy, sweet, happy, helpful, messy, and loveable little girl!

Last Tuesday we went to the doctor and got her measured and the doctor threw in a little good news for us to salivate over for the foreseeable future.

Alexa is still really small weighing in at 20 LBS 13 OZ, but maintaining her 8th-ish percentile, so that's okay she's small. She did, however, gain 3 inches in height putting her in the 65th percentile for height coming in at 32.25 inches.

The stupidly proud parent stuff we're talking about though comes in the language development part. When I told Dr. J (awesome, right?) that Alexa knows how to say about 15 words, can sign 20-ish, and understands at least 50 he was blown away! He said that's way above where he would expect an 18-month old to be!

And just to add to that already impressive list, she said "clock" this morning for the first time. Impressive, right?

AND...because we didn't give her a lick of our brainy genes at all, we can be so proud without being prideful in the slightest! Yay for adopting genius babies!!

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