Thursday, August 16, 2012

Movie Review: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Nick and I went to a movie screening of The Odd Life of Timothy Green in Denver a couple weeks ago with Families Supporting Adoption and it was so much fun! (If you don't know what movie I'm talking about, watch this trailer.)

Let me just say, this movie is not my absolute favorite movie in the world, but it is pretty great and absolutely worth seeing (out in theaters yesterday)! There are certainly a lot of unflattering reviews out there, but I'm glad I saw it, despite the movie's odd/magical premise.

I think more so than capturing the adoption experience, because it didn't really at all, it captured the infertile experience better than any movie I've ever seen. The longing, hoping, disappointment (the one time I nearly cried was when the mom was in the bathroom crying over her newly discovered sterility), annoyance with crazy parents, and the excitement of finally having a child to call your own. This one clip kind of expresses that last point well:

Don't you love that?!

There were a couple times that I was like "Yes! That's totally happened to me/I would act that way!" (For example Cindy Green's sister says to her "I thought you were going to try to have kids of your own." Cindy's response was great: "When I first saw Timothy he sure felt like my own.") There were other times that I was like "No, that's actually completely ridiculous." (For example, they make the Green's case workers out to be really intimidating and scary, which is not true to life at all - case workers are truly on your side...actually, they're on the child's side.)

All in all, I think people should see this movie, if only to better understand the infertile couple's struggles. It really is worth seeing, so pay no mind to all those negative reviews out there!

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