Friday, August 17, 2012

#49: Grow a Plant

Late Spring we decided to plant a small garden in our raised garden beds we built on our back patio.

As a quick side note, do you remember what our patio looked like when we moved in? I'm really just proud of how much we've done whether or not anything grew. But I digress...

Our feeling on our garden was that we'll plant it, water it, and let the sun and the dirt do their thing. If something grew, great! If not, we'll try something different next year.

On our first attempt at gardening we have had 8 strawberry plants, 1 bell pepper plant, and 1 watermelon plant that have thrived in our little garden. There was, unfortunately, one casualty: our beloved cantelope didn't make it. Fare thee well our little withered friend.

Our strawberry plants when they produced fruit for the first time!

Nick and Alexa water the garden together practically every morning. It's so cute!

 That HUGE plant Nick is watering is our watermelon plant. It definitely has a Manifest Destiny approach to the garden.

 Alexa and I just after we finished enjoying some delicious strawberries. Yeah, my bangs need trimmed - back off!

We actually were able to grow things! Who knew my science teachers instructing me on photosynthesis were actually right! We will definitely be doing this whole thing again year after year! Go Sun, Dirt, and Us!!

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