Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Wonderful, Destructive Life

Can I just say, having a toddler is WAY different and WAY harder than having a baby. Alexa isn't even walking yet and she is just on a path of destruction through our house all the time!

Very cute destruction, but destruction nonetheless.

Seriously, she has broken so many things of mine (camera lens, phone charger, and jump rope to name a few), my pants are constantly dirtied with graham cracker/other food remnants, and pulling things out then crawling away without playing with them at all is still one of her favorite activities.

Just to be clear though, I'm not complaining, not even a little bit. If anything I'm praising my little destructive rugrat. She, in all her craziness, is allowing me to do what I've always wanted to do, and that's be a mom. Most of the time that means I have to make hard choices in how I spend my precious free time (which means blogging has taken a back seat), but I think the best problem in the whole world is that I have too many great ways to spend my time!

Sure, we've been having problems (totally had a Mommy meltdown last week-ish). Yeah she's been working on getting four molars in, and we've been transitioning her naps from two-a-day to one-a-day, and all that has been hard for everyone. However, I truly would not trade our worst days for anyone else's best days.

And why would I? I have such a wonderful life filled with such wonderful moments! Not the least of which is when Alexa presses her face against the glass on the entertainment center. I really can't get enough of this picture!

Happy Wednesday!

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