Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Latelies: A Video Post

I'm video blogging today, and it's not even of Aly (don't let that deter you though)! Please don't laugh at me too much, but I hope you enjoy yourselves!

Here is a link to Bex's blog. And of course it's short for Becky...silly me.
Here is a link to the scarves I found on Amazon! So cute!
Here is a link to the pictures of Aly and Molly. They are so freakin' adorable!
And I forgot to mention about the jewelry board, it's covered with cheap-o fabric and ribbon from Hobby Lobby. Don't you love how everything there is like always 50% off?!

PS Isn't there something about seeing the person talking to you that makes you feel more connected with them? And doing this made me feel more connected with you, so that's double prizes!


a Bug and Bird said...

just found you over @ bex

love that you adopted, i'm adopted and we're going to adopt our second or third child in the future depending... and whenever we have children, we just got married a year ago this month

i love that purple scarf, purple is my favorite color!

and yes, items at hobby lobby are always half off! lol, i can't wait to visit when i go back to the US for christmas

Jessica said... are so awesome! You had some great ideas, some I may use for Christmas gifts! I miss you so much! The video thing definitely makes you feel more connected! :)