Friday, August 5, 2011

Wake Up, Farm!

This is one of Piglet's new favorite books from Grandma Nelson. Piglet got so excited reading it with Grandma that she ripped off the duck's foot on the back page with the pop-up (not pictured because Piglet is sleeping and the book is in her room.)

Anyway, I think she may like it because she, like the animals on the farm, just love waking up! She thinks Daddy and I are heroes for coming and rescuing her from her crib and swaddle, which she has usually destroyed by the time we get in there. These pictures were for Melissa who wanted to see a great big smile, but I thought you guys might want to see them, too! Not the biggest smile I've gotten for getting her out of bed, but not bad. She is so cute, right?

Speaking of waking up, Piglet did not wake up until about 6am and then drank a little, slept a little, drank a little more, and then went down for a real nap at 9am! I'll count that as sleeping through the night, so woo hoo!

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