Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10 Million Strong...and Growing

So we've reached it. Aly is 6 months old (as of about 12 days ago; it's been busy), and she just had her 6 month check-up, complete with measurements and immunizations, on Monday. The results: she hasn't changed, just got bigger.

Height: 25.75 in. (50th percentile, just like at 4 months)
Weight: 13 LBS. 10.5 OZ. (10th percentile, just like at 4 months)
 Developmental: on track (she doesn't want to intimidate the other babies with her genius just yet)

One thing our doctor said about her development was that her waking up at night was overdue and it is time to teach her to sleep through the night. Color me naive, but I was hoping she would just figure that out on her own.

 She was doing well with sleeping at night up until about a month ago (she'd only wake up about once a night), and then we went on vacation and then came home and started using the baby monitor so I could hear her over the AC unit we installed. I look back and realize I just should have listened to Nick and believe that if she really needed us, we would hear her. Blast!

So last night was night one of letting Aly cry and not go in with her or feed her. We hope this training doesn't take too long because, frankly, that was the worst night sleep ever! I laid awake listening to her and then when I was almost asleep I would feel guilty that my baby was crying and I wasn't doing anything for her. I know the end result will be wonderful, but I think our stubborn little girl is going to give us a bumpy ride!

PS Remember that Flinstone's Vitamin Commercial? Ya know what would work--a piano bench! If those kids were really smart they'd ask mom for one of those!


The Greg Nelson Family said...

Good Luck!! I think every one has to go through some of those nights. It is the pits but she will learn and all will be better.

Nelson Family said...

My 3 month old is bigger than Aly! Actually, he was bigger at 2 months, lol. Don't worry, he's almost bigger than his 3 year old sister. She sure is adorable!