Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Living Up to My Privileges

Yesterday I spent a lot of my time making excuses for myself. Creating reasons why things were not cleaned, or ironed, or cooked, or read, or done was not the kind of daily creative energy I want to be putting forth. I had some good moments, but far too many excuses.

And none of this "you're a new mom, don't be so hard on yourself" nonsense. My baby takes naps, so at the very least I could be using that time to be productive instead of casually taking an hour to make and eat lunch and then another hour waiting and worrying Alexa will wake-up far before she should. It's silly nonsense, and it needs to stop.

This declaration is accompanied with many goals I have set for myself on a daily basis, and I can never seem to get all of them accomplished. So then my question for myself is: Am I a perfectionist that asks to much of myself or am I simply not living up to my privileges? 

Perhaps a little of both, but honestly, and unfortunately, I think it's far more the latter.

I mean, how many women do you know have a Master's degree and get to be a stay-at-home mom? I can only think of one, which may reflect my lack of knowledge of my friends' educational backgrounds, but I think it also means I am one blessed little lady. I love to learn and read and should be sharing that love with my daughter through my own literary pursuits as well as reading with her more often.

How many people do you know who have parents and in-laws who have strong, stable, and committed marriages? What a blessing this is to have two sets of parents who love their spouse, family, and God to thrive in a marital relationship for nearly 30 years each! I should be applying their expertise, knowledge, and examples in my everyday life.

Just these two sets of privileges require me to make some decisions on good, better, and best ways to spend my time. Seriously, how often do I need to check Facebook, play with Pinterest, read blogs, and watch movies or TV shows on Netflix or Hulu? Not nearly as often as I have been, that's for sure. I feel like there's so much more to say, but let's save some action for future posts. I will leave you with this thought that's been rolling through my mind lately:


Jenni said...

Its hard finding a balance in being a stay at home mom. I try to limit my blogging/web time and do some fun activities with my family often. Being a perfectionist is good and bad and finding a balance I think is a constant effort.

Anonymous said...

Yes, correctly.