Thursday, April 21, 2011

Going and Being "It"

Do you ever find yourself reading about life instead of living it?


My little girl got her first round of vaccinations on Wednesday and has really just wanted to be held for the past two days.


In that time I've been reading some various fashion and family blogs, not to mention this book about a girl graced with the ability to fight (not usually my cup of tea, but I'm not hating it). Ya know what they all are saying to me? "Rachel, you need to live more."


I've filled my stay-at-home-mom days, so far, with literature, hulu, my baby, and excuses (some are justified, but that's besides the point). I'm worried I'm getting lost in others' lives instead of my own. I'm not saying losing myself by learning and serving others is bad, but I also need to remember that my life as a stay-at-home-mom is still evolving, which is okay...who's convincing who here?


So, even though I shouldn't feel guilty about not showering today and spending all day (pretty much) on the couch holding my little irritated one, I do. I do because I see other people posting about their grand adventures, or fabulous style (not just clothes), or reading about sword play and scandals, and there are a couple dozen little messes around the house, and my lunch consisted of Chicken in a Biscuit crackers and chips because I can eat those with one hand...


For me it comes down to if I want a different life, it's my job to make it different. Enough reading (figuratively speaking of course), enough hulu, enough excuses--it's time for results!
In the immortal words of The Avett Brothers: "decide what to be, and go be it."


We have a very ambitious family as you can clearly see!


Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

One simply, two cents, of advice. Enjoy it while it last. Because soon enough you days will no longer be so simple and your baby wont want to be held any more. There is no greater call than motherhood. You are changing lives You are change hers yours and nicks.

Brianna and Andrew said...

Don't worry about not showering. I haven't either today and really, I've learned, it is totally overrated! Hope she feels better soon! I wish we were closer so we could get together!

Lauren Davison said...

Firstly--I love all those pictures of you and your little one sleeping! Beautiful!

Secondly--it can be hard to feel "productive" when transitioning from a full time job to stay-at-home mom. The responsibilities are way different. Sometimes they ARE sitting on the couch ALL. DAY. LONG. with a yucky-feeling baby. Just remember that's exactly what your little girl needs. Job accomplished.

And chances are that those people you see blogging about awesomeness probably have plenty of messes hidden around their homes, too.

And thirdly--I love chicken in a biscuit crackers. Yum. :)

Becca said...

Looks like you are handling motherhood very graciously :) I know what you mean, though, about life.

My cousin gave me some great advice after I had my second and thought my life would never be normal again. She told me that is definitely wouldn't be the "normal" it had been before the baby was born, but that I would be able to find my "new normal." Two years later and I'm discovering that we have to change what "normal" looks like almost constantly. It's more about attitude than about what we're actually doing (although things like taking a shower and eating healthy food can help ;) ). My advice for the shower thing - we took showers with our babies almost from day one. If we were both home, one of us took the baby in the shower with us, and when baby was washed, parent #2 got the baby dried off and dressed. If I was by myself, I would put the baby bathtub in the shower with me, fill it up a little, and then put baby in the shower with me. Then when I was done, I'd leave baby in the warm water while I wrapped myself up, then I dried baby and dressed baby before dressing myself. With baby #2 that was pretty much the only way I ever showered (and I still shower that way mostly, because she's only 2 and leaving her alone with big brother while I'm in the shower could be ... disastrous). As far as the healthy eating thing goes - don't worry too much about it. Just do what you have to in order to survive the first little while :)

You're doing great, and the two of you look BEAUTIFUL together!

Congrats again!