Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thanks for Considering Adoption

Adoption has been on our mind recently (duh!), but especially over the last couple months. We do not pretend to know how difficult of a decision it is to place one's little baby for adoption, but we are so grateful for mom's out there who do choose that life for their children.

We also want to express our gratitude to those who have even considered adoption, because that is also inexplicably difficult. We know this because of a wonderful family we have gotten to know recently. We love them dearly! Speaking to all considering adoption, even if adoption is not for your family, we know that mom's who consider adoption love their baby immeasurably, and loving parents are something everyone can be grateful for. Thank you for loving your children! We know they will have a wonderful life because of that love.

Below is a story about a young man who was placed for adoption, and who doesn't know his birthmom, but decided to write her a song of gratitude. The story and the song are beautiful, and what's great is that now, with open adoption, there doesn't have to be this uncertainty about what type of life adopted children have. Birthparents can know that they made the right choice, and we, as a couple, would honor that choice and the love our children's birthparent's have for them in our home everyday. Thank you, and a million times over again, thank you!

This is the backstory:

This is the song:

Our friends, Marianne and Doug, posted these videos on their blog. They adopted an adorable little girl this past year (we got to be there for the sealing!) and you can read about their beautiful family here.


Jenni said...

Thank you for sharing his story and song. I tried not to cry...didn't work.

Nicole... given said...

love the song!

Lauren Davison said...

WOW. Absolutely amazing. Great story. Great song. Incredibly powerful. Thanks for sharing!