Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Honorable Parents

We honor the birthparents of our children, already. We know that without them the likelihood of our chance for parenthood and fulfilling our life's most important role would be significantly diminished. We do not know who they are, or where they are, or exactly what trials or joys they are experiencing at the moment, but we do know that someday, maybe soon and maybe not for a while, they are going to have to make the most difficult decision of their lives.

If you, the sweet biological parents of our tiny babies, are reading this, please know that we honor, love, and respect you now and forever. You are and will always be so close to our hearts, and we will spend a lifetime, an eternity, trying to thank you for your courage, love, and selfless hearts. May God bless you in whatever difficulties you maybe experiencing, and may He bless you with insurmountable joys and blessings in the future. You are our miracle angels, and Nicholas and I love you beyond measure. Truly we are already family and were always meant to be!

In this spirit, I nabbed a poem that I liked from the Colorado Families Supporting Adoption blog that is a beautiful tribute to birthmpthers in particular which expresses why parents who place their children for adoption are truly miracle workers in their own right.

She Who is a Birth-Mother
by Suzy Toronto
She carries within her a precious, precious life...
One that empowers her to give the unparalleled gift of motherhood
To another woman.

The choice is not easy.
Such monumental decisions seldom are.
The conflict raging in her heart tugs back and forth
As she struggles to let go.
Will her child really be better off?

She closes her eyes and lifts her face toward heaven, 
And she says a silent prayer.

Then she catches the vision of a family.
A mom, a dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins...
All weeping with joy over this treasured infant...
The newest member of their family...
The miracle they thought they'd never see.

She softly begins to cry.
With a breaking heart and perfect clarity of mind, 
A still-small voice whispers her thundering decision...
"It will not be easy, 
But it is right."

*taken from the FSA Adoptive Applicant Handbook August 13, 2005 page 46

We wish, hope, and pray that you will be strengthened as this unfair burden is placed upon you. God bless you and your families!