Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Hot End To Summer

If you live in Colorado I'm sure you've heard of the Fourmile Canyon Fire, which is currently burning like mad less than a mile west of Boulder and about 12 miles west of where we live.  And it is a whopper...

That was the view from near where we live (although it's not our picture) on Monday evening.  The city lights in the foreground are the city of Boulder.  As of Tuesday night the fire was still burning wild and had destroyed close to 100 homes and structures.  The fire was started Monday morning and due to dry conditions and 30 mile per hour winds on Monday things quickly went out of control.  By Monday afternoon a line of smoke was blowing over our little town, which NASA got a great shot of from space.

We live just east of Boulder right under that smoke plume.  We're not in any danger but a lot of people have lost their homes and it's still not over.

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