Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And We're Back!

Ya know when you don't do something for a while and then you forget how much you enjoy it...like reading, or eating cheesecake? Well, that's kind of what happened here on the blog. It has been, count 'em, 14 whole days since our last post. I know you all were checking everyday hoping and praying for our sabbatical to end, and now that day has come!

Mostly this lull has been because I have been working 50ish hours a week for the past couple weeks and after that I've been coming home to a myriad of activities, none of which are terribly interesting enough to blog about.

I did see Avatar at a friends' house with a projector screen and surround sound. That was cool.

I suppose that I haven't updated y'all on our trip to Oregon, or our garage sale, or my new house project, or the parade we were in, or how I like my new job, or our beehive, or my birthday party plans...

So, I guess it looks like you're in for a lot of posts! Let's kick off this revival with a simple comment before bed:
Wet shaggy dogs make me smile!

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Jill Elizabeth said...

Yay! You're back! I heart your blog :)