Monday, May 3, 2010

Did you hear the news?

As of April 16th we are officially homeowners!! Now I know what you're thinking "isn't this post like WAY overdue?" And I'm thinking, "yes, but it's so important to build tension." (just like one Sue Sylvester says, but I do not want to admit how much I LOVE that show!)

Totally worked, right?

Here are a couple photos documenting the last couple weeks:

This is Nicholas signing all the paperwork. He has a wicked-awesome credit score and I have thousands of dollars of student loans. It works though because he signs and I bug him by taking stpid pictures like this:


After signing all that paperwork we were famished and wanted to get right to work on the new crib, so we made a pit stop at Panera...seriously one of our favorite places! The bread is incredible!


We then B-lined it over to the house and, get this, Nicholas totally carried me over the threshold! I usually have to prompt things like that, but this was totally unexpected! Okay, back to stuff you care about...Nicholas got started right away on the disgusting grout in the kitchen and I got started figuring out paint colors.

FYI, red is like THE HARDEST COLOR to pick out! I think we ended up getting 5 samples until I found the one I liked. I will get teased about that mercilessly until the end of time.

We ate our inaugural meal the next day, and you guessed it a $5 Little Ceasar's Pepperoni Pizza. This was the first of many since we live right across the street from the vendor. We both need a little break from the Greek magistrate of Italian cuisine, just for a bit. We'll be back.

That's enough for this post. This is how we started, I have more pictures and more posts up my sleeve, but like I said, it's important to build tension! Oh man, I should be a carny or someone that builds tension for a living!

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Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

Dear Nick and Rach,

I can't look at a five dollar hot and ready pizza with out thinking of you too.

I love you lots!

You house looks like a lot of good fun work.