Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #9: Mis-Predictions

If you were to jump on The DeLorean and go back 4 years to when we were first hitched and asked us to predict where we’d be today, I think we may have said that we would have:

1. More kids
2. Fewer houses
3. Less pink in Rachel’s closet
4. More blue in Nicholas’ closet
5. Fewer shoes in Rachel’s closet
6. Fewer Sketchers in Nicholas’ closet
7. More pets
8. Fewer cookbooks
9. Less schooling for Rachel
10. More car repairs
11. Fewer bus rides
12. Less expensive haircuts for Rachel (never guessed I would upgrade from Great Clips)
13. More expensive haircuts for Nicholas (never guessed I would be cutting his hair)

We both agree that I have changed quite a bit over the last 4 years and Nick has been pretty constant (with some welcomed wardrobe adjustments by yours truly). Our ying and yang is one reason why we work so well together! It was fun to talk about these things last night over dinner at this delicious little Chinese restaurant with the best Won Ton Soup and BBQ chicken ever! Which reminds me, I totally get to cross that off my live list. I'm excited to see what unpredictable things the next 4 years brings us!

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