Saturday, January 16, 2010

Life's Little Victories

To meet the 9pm deadline for the unrelenting Red Box, Nicholas and I darted straight to the grocery store after my girl’s night movie was over. That is the scene for the following "Little Victories":

1. They were out of the beloved Tillamook cheese which could only be considered because it was on sale. Nick was going to give up, but I marched over to the lovely woman in the meat department and asked her with whom I may speak with concerning the elusive cheese. Francisco was called to the scene and after a slight mix-up, we were successful! I raised the cheese in great triumph!

2. Confused by my celebration over such a simple thing as cheese, Francisco asked "What is this cheese? What do you eat it with?" I began to tell him of its unadorned deliciousness and that even though it is great, the cheese is not above us, but "came all the way from Tillamook, OR to Colorado to bless our food." Francisco was blind, and now he sees.

3. I found an item that Nicholas could not uncover amongst the labyrinth of the grocery store! Sitting eloquently with the condiments on the west side of aisle 5 was the Worcestershire sauce. But wait, the glass bottle (implicitly fancier than plastic) was the same price as the pliantly packaged sauce!

4. I just spelled Worcestershire right the first time without spell check or seeing the word at all! And I didn’t copy and paste it or visually copy it again for this victory!

5. Nicholas and I met at the check-out where we discovered my wonderful husband forgot the saran wrap. I retrieved it without a hitch from aisle 16 and returned just in the nick of time to include it as part of the order. The wrapping was also on sale.

6. When we walked out of the store and examined our receipt, I noticed that all the savings I accrued had not been credited to our bill. Do not blame our checker, as neither of us handed him our Sooper Savings Card. However, was I going to sit back and do nothing when there was $7.91 to be had? NEVER! Thanks to me, and the gentleman at the customer service desk, Nick’s wallet is that much thicker tonight.

It is important to recognize all life’s little victories. My best little victory to date is my husband. He is patient when I want to be silly at the grocery store when he would prefer to just be efficient and done. I love him more than even I, an illustrious composer of the English language, could adequately express.

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SparklingStudent said...

Aw Rachie! I love your cute little posts :)