Tuesday, November 6, 2012

55 Things Left in 497 Days Left

 Ya know what I've discovered? This may not be news to anyone else, in fact probably nobody else, but there are too many good things we can do to fill our time than we have available to us, and priorities change.

I'm not quitting my 101 Things in 1001 Days goals, just letting go of some that simply don't align with how I really want to be spending my time. These are the goals that I thought were important to me, and it turns out they're good things to do, but there are better ways I'd like to focus my limited time, money, and energy at this time in my life:

2. Watch all the non-R-Rated movies on AFI's Top 100 Movies list (Maybe someday when we want to pay for Netflix DVDs, but I don't know even logistically how we'd do this without Blockbuster)

6. Get a passport (Passports are so EXPENSIVE, and in our family's case unnecessary)

22. Catch a fish and eat it (First things first: own a fishing pole)

35. Get one blog up to a hundred followers (This is just not as important to me as I once thought it was)

55. Be able to identify 10 constellations (Just not one of my top priorities)

67. Buy a point-n-shoot camera (I'll just save my money for a tablet or phone with a back camera instead)

74. Get par or better on one hole while golfing (I honestly don't know how I thought I would be able to do this...I golf like once a year)

88. Spend a whole day reading and read a book start to finish (I'm not an idiot, but apparently I had some very mis-construed ideas about motherhood and free time when I initially made this list)

99. Make a list of all family and friends Birthdays and Anniversaries (Two words: Google Calendar)

So by taking these off my list I have 55 more things I need to do in the remaining time I have left. I think I can still pull this off, but I need to get to reading (because a lot of my goals revolve around the lofty ambition of being scholarly). That being said, on Saturday I decided that once I read 50 books (as fast as possible) I can buy myself an E-reader! So I'm motivated and open to suggestions!

A couple projects that I unofficially added to this list are sewing Christmas stockings for my family and completing my Personal Progress goals by mid-March (a self-improvement program put out by my church, click here to learn more).

I'll be posting pictures of my stockings soon...I only told you just so you have time to prepare yourself, because they are pretty awesome!

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