Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meetings and Partings

"Life is full of meetings and partings. That is the way of it."
-Bob Cratchit

(Meeting) This morning at 5:22am we gained a beautiful new niece, Lauren! So happy to have her here on earth and in our family!

(Parting) Last night, a young woman in our church congregation was killed in a car accident. She was 16 years old. She wasn't terribly active in the church, but a door was opening in her life and heart for Christ to enter in. I only hope that today she entered into the peace of her Savior, and that her family is finding peace in their hearts in this difficult time.

Days like today I find solace in thoughts of much wiser men than I, like William Wordsworth:
Hence in a season of calm weather
Though inland far we be,
Our Souls have sight of that immortal sea
Which brought us hither,
Can in a moment travel thither,
And see the Children sport upon the shore,
And hear the mighty waters rolling evermore.
The Clouds that gather round the setting sun
Do take a sober colouring from an eye
That hath kept watch o'er man's mortality;
Another race hath been, and other palms are won.

Thanks to the human heart by which we live,
Thanks to its tenderness, its joys, and fears,
To me the meanest flower that blows can give
Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears

Maybe we should have a little more patience and hug our children a little tighter today. I know I will. Each day holds within it the potential for triumph and tragedy, and through it all we can turn to our Savior for love and peace.

Also, for those who are remembering the tragedies of 11 years ago, may peace be with you this day and always.

I know I promised the conclusion of Alexa's adoption story, but that will come tomorrow. Thanks for indulging me a bit today.

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