Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happiness is...A Good Book

Alexa has taken to just going in her room, getting a book, then finding a comfortable spot in the house to just read to herself. It's awesome!

Her reading sounds are super cute, and I've tried to video tape them, but every time I pull out the camera she gets far more interested in what I'm doing than in the book she's reading. I guess you'll just have to enjoy these really cute photos instead!


Jenni said...

I can't believe how much she has grown!!! They grow up WAY too fast.

Cassidy Prause said...

That second to last one is THE CUTEST PHOTO EVER!! Those baby blues are going to get her into trouble someday.. ;)

Jessica said...

I love the ones of her on the bed! Cute! I also give a huge thumbs up to her books of choice ;) Yay for Dr. Seuss!