Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happiness is... Spring Picnics

Our first spring break in Colorado had almost 4 feet of snowfall.  Every other spring break since then has had at least some snow - except this one.  Check out the forecast for this weekend:

To celebrate the warm spring weather we had a picnic lunch on Wednesday in Boulder.  We ate Kentucky Fried Chicken, strawberries, oranges, and some of Rachel's homemade granola bars, and then we played on the playground.

Sometimes swings make Aly a little nervous, but sometimes she embraces her wild-side and makes daddy nervous instead.

We had so much fun on our picnic lunch that we decided to have a picnic dinner at another park in Louisville on Thursday.  Nick got off work a bit early, Rachel made her signature egg salad, and all we enjoyed sitting out in the evening sunshine.
The highlight of this park was most clearly the sticks.  Aly found a nice pile of sticks and then proceeded to show us each one.  Have you seen these sticks?
As we were getting ready to leave a nice couple with some small dogs came walking by.  The dogs came over to check us out, so we asked if Aly could pet them.  They were really good dogs and so we let Aly pet them and they licked her hand.
Everything was fine for a couple minutes, and then...
The poor dogs (and their owners) were very concerned, but it turns out that dogs sometimes just make us a little nervous - especially when it's just before bedtime.  One of our favorite parts of going to park is that Alexa sleeps particularly well after she's played hard outside for a while.

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