Friday, March 9, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

I'm having bloggers writing block, so my solution is to play a fun mindless game via blogging (and then shower, because, well, it's time). Now I just want to go a clean and decorate the house! But not go to Ikea...I think it's evil that they trap you in and make you spend 20 minutes to find a parking space. Evil I tell you!

1. My favorite room in my home is  __the living room     because ___our home is not that big and that's where most of the action happens.    

2. My current decor style is ___traditional meets poor graduate student income      but I wish it were more ___contemporary. I like the warm tones in my home, but I'd like to incorporate more accent pieces in the decor and furniture instead of on the walls. It also seems like a lot of flexibility/opportunity is given to that style whereas traditional has been set for years.___

3. I wish I could redecorate the ___"master bedroom"___ in my house to make it more decorated and cohesive. Seriously there is one big picture on the main wall, or marriage certificate on another, and a picture from our wedding on another. None of the frames match and really it's just so boring and does not reflect us at all!___

4. My dream house absolutely has to have ___a huge library with 3 walls of built-in bookshelves, preferably chalk-full of the best books of all time! This room would have glass french doors opening to it the 4th wall would be a huge window with a large sit-in window seat smothered with pillows! There would also be the most comfortable reading chairs ever created in it, not too comfortable you'd fall asleep, but so amazing that you don't even realize you've been reading for days! Yeah, I haven't thought about this at all...___

 Bigger window, books along third wall, and comfier reading chair. Perfect, no? (source)

5. One house item I am willing to splurge on is a ___reading chair. See above dream room as to why.___

6. A decor trend that I just don't "get" is ___modern. There is nothing cozy about it and I just think a home ought to be comfortable, not streamlined for the sake of being different or hip. It just isn't homey to me.___

7. ___Splashes of red___ is a little touch that makes my house feel like home. (Red just makes me happy.)

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