Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine Can Romantically Beat Up Your Valentine

Yesterday while organizing the filing cabinet (super fun!) I came across a letter that was written to me exactly 6 years to the day prior. This was written by Nick to me for Valentine's Day when we were engaged. I'm not going to share all of it with you, but here are some of my favorite parts:

"To really show you how much I love you will take an eternity of love and devotion."

"You are the highlight of my life...I have been told that if you do it right, life just keeps getting better and better. With you, I can see how that could easily be the case."

"I love you, Miss Sullivan, and I always will...I can't wait to start our life together."

I love my husband so much, and after 7 years of being together, I just can't believe that I love him so much more than I thought I could! He is everything I could ever want for myself, my daughter, and my life. I am so blessed to have him walk with me, hand in hand, everyday for the past 7ish years!

And if that wasn't enough to convince you of how wonderful Nick is, look how cute he is with his girls!

Happy Valentine's Day (even though your valentine isn't as wonderful as mine)!

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