Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Tunes

A Song that Makes You Laugh:
Nick and I love this song only because it sounds like a 14 year old wrote the lyrics. We call this song "our favorite song ever" because it is so true!

A Song that You Can Play on an Instrument:
Both parts on the violin. Boo Yah.

A Song that You Wish You Could Play:
I wish I could play this song for my mom. She's always wanted me to learn it, but it's SUPER HARD!

A Song that Makes You Feel Guilty:
It reminds me of this dude from high school that I was good friends with and we liked each other but he wouldn't date me because I was under 16. Then, a month before my 16th birthday, I started dating this other guy and did so for 2 years. The first guy told me how disappointed he was in my decision and eventually fell away from the church. So sad, and so guilty.

A Song From Your Childhood:
This played from a little green cassette tape via a small toy cassette tape player.  It looked similar to this one. I love this set of songs, so if anyone knows where I can buy it, please let me know!

Your Favorite Song at This Time Last Year:


Chilly Beans said...

The "running in circles" song is sung by Janeen Brady from her Watch Me Sing CD. I found a place where you can get the volume 1 and volume 2 disks for around $20. Here is the website: http://www.britemusic.com/watch-me-sing-set

Enjoy!! :)

Rachel said...

How amazing you are, Crystal! Thank you thank you!!