Friday, October 29, 2010

What to write....

To be honest, I really don't know these days.

Since I started working, I get up at 5:15ish, off to work by 6:45, get home around 5pm, make dinner, and hangout with Nick or do one of the billion things on our agenda for that day. Life is super busy and I have hard time figuring out what would be interesting for you to read about.

Therefore, I am coming to you! Please help!! What would you like to know about, see, or hear on our blog? I realize I've been lame recently, but I honestly put so much effort into each post that it is difficult to find an hour or so that I have to dedicate everyday, or even every other day. I'm not even on Facebook or even my computer that much anymore.

So please, questions, thoughts, suggestions, prompts, hypothetical situations, likes and dislikes about the blog or us are all welcome! (I am really hoping I get a lot of comments or questions on Formspring because at the very least I could use a jumping off point for a couple posts.) Help a sista out!

1 comment:

Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

I love pictures! of you the house, nick, or even crazy colorado.