Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #21: Advice to My 14-Year Old Self

I stumbled across this post and decided that I have a lot of pointers for my 14-year old self. To give you an idea of where I was at when I was 14, I just started my freshman year of high school and my family and personal life was pretty is I imagine for most 14-year olds. I had just been kissed, and dismissed, by my first boy, my middle school friends were doing things I didn't want to do, and I was in a big new school and felt lost and forgotten. Without any further adieu...

1. Let people take pictures of you; you don't always have to be the photographer and you are going to miss out on saving these special memories you are making.

2. Don't let your family relationships slip away, even when you don't see eye-to-eye with everyone on every subject. We all make mistakes and have weaknesses, some are just more visible than others. You are no better than anyone, and you have no right to judge others' decisions.

3. Your middle school friends are starting to swear and so are you, but you need to stop and start hanging out with people that make you feel comfortable with who you are. They will make you into a better person, and your middle school friends are headed down a path you don't want to be on.

4. Buy a straightener. Seriously, the wavy, poofy hippie hair thing is so 1970's/80's. Not attractive. Also, get some bangs. They'll make your forehead and nose look smaller.

5. You're going to have acne your entire life, and it's not because you have oily skin or dry skin or whatever, it's because you tiny little cysts all over your ovaries which causes all sorts of issues way bigger than acne! Get used to it, get over it, put on some cover-up, and see a dermatologist.

6. You're not going to be a basketball star, so don't play your freshman year (it wasn't a great experience anyway). Instead, practice your violin and softball more.

7. There's no reason to steady date anyone in high school. On rare occasions it works out, but your situation is not going to be one of them. Just be friends and have fun. High school is too short to be nailed down to one guy. It's just a recipe for trouble and missed experiences. However, do keep Joe as a close friend, and his family as well, because they're great and will be a support to you in the future.

8. Instead of avoiding your home to avoid the stuff and people in it, try to make it better. Invest in your home and family now and it will pay off later!

9. Your future husband is not going to appreciate your particular culinary achievements, like macaroni and cheese and tuna fish sandwiches. Spend more time getting comfortable in the kitchen with your mom, sister's, your friends and their families. It is a skill that you wish you had developed further.

10. Instead of taking computer science courses because your friends are in those classes, continue in your CAD coursework. That's what you like, and really it makes very little difference who is in the class because you have an ability to make friends easily.

11. Read more books for fun and stick with them until the end. Don't stop a book halfway through because you got disinterested. And actually try to enjoy The Scarlet Letter and The Great Gatsby, you just might enjoy them.

12. Accept compliments graciously, because even though you have flaws, occasionally you do or are something that you should be proud of. Modesty is more than wearing appropriate clothing, it's how you behave when you embrace your potential.

13. Being a girl isn't as awful as it sometimes seems. Dressing up is fun, and discovering new looks and styles is what being a teen is all about. Explore styles and colors that flatter you, and you might avoid some very embarrassing and plain style choices in the future. Oh, stop shopping in the kids department. You have hips, and the petite adult section is just what you need!


Dani and Dave said...

That's great advice! I love it! :)

whitney said...

I love this post, it's so true! oh...if only we really could've passed on some-much advice to our younger selves...

I'm so glad you enjoy my playlist! You're right, we really DO have similar tastes! I find my songs from all over the place. I think the biggest thing is that I'm constantly *looking* for fun songs I when I hear something, I try to remember it and will look it up and add it the first chance I get. TV commercials or shows, on the radio, pandora (internet radio), on other blogs (feel free to steal some of mine ;) name it, I've used it.

SparklingStudent said...

This post totally made me smile and reminisce about high school...
Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me in high school, in case I forgot to tell you that. You rocked then and you rock now! :)