Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Sullivan Sisterhood

I grew up in a home with 5 girls, made up of my 3 sisters, myself, and my mom. My dad was severely outnumbered. We had one phone line, no cell phones. We had one bathroom with a very small old school mirror and very little counter space. Somehow, in such a primitive workspace, we managed to make things work. Not without problems, as girls always have something going on. As it would seem though, there is some good news for those who have to bear the burden of sisters everywhere:

Sisters give siblings better mental health, study shows

It doesn't even matter how big the spacing is between the siblings, older or younger, boy or girl...if they have a sister, this study shows that they have better self-esteem and feel happier or less "down in the dumps."

This study is good news for Nicholas too because he has two younger sisters and one older sister. Now we all know why we are so well-adjusted...myself obviously more than Nicholas.

So when your two older sisters pin you down and force you to eat Twinkies against your will (because your mom told you they were for lunches...yeah, it happened to me), just remember that it is helping you become a self-confident and positive person. Apparently.

We really do love our families and their help in shaping the people we have become, and model the type of parents we will be. We plan on doing some posts on specific family members soon...

(Sorry I can't post pictures right now, but I'm not on my computer. They're coming though, just later today.)

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Judson said...

so... is that my problem? That I grew up with no sisters? Or do you count since both our mom's thought we should have been twins?