Monday, September 20, 2010

Happiness is...Quaker Cereals

There are only a few things Nicholas gets really excited about, two of which are:

Cereal sales, and 
Quaker Life and Oatmeal Squares.

So this is what happens when the two come together...12 boxes of cereal decorating our fridge. Only 10 are pictured because we've already eaten 2.


The cinnamon ones are for me because I prefer a little extra spice in my life on occasion.

This is not the most boxes of cereal we have had in our house due to sales, however. Nicholas bought 20 boxes of various cereals when we were living in Provo and they were going for $1 per box. "It never goes bad," is always his excuse. I think it's excessive, but very cute!


Brianna and Andrew said...

I love cereal! King Soopers just had a deal on oatmeal squares for 1.98 a box, but we had tons of coupons for $1 off, making them 98 cents! We only bought 9, because we have over 50 boxes of cereal. Seriously, he isn't too excessive yet, don't worry.

Lauren Davison said...

Mmmmm... I just tried cinnamon life for the first time on our way back from Florida (at Steve and Janet's place, actually), and I am a huge fan! :)