Sunday, August 8, 2010

An Infertile Love Story

Couples that have difficult experiences, whatever they are, have an opportunity for a blessing. They get to know exactly how their partner feels about them. Not many have that chance, or take that chance even when trials do come. Here is a post from someone else who has experienced a great trial, and it is so clear how close she and her very own Mr. Knightly have become because of it. Inspired by her, and my own storybook romance, I begin a love-letter. It gets gushy, so stop whenever you don't have the stomach for true love...

Dear Mr. Nelson,

Right now (a couple days ago) we are some 34,000 feet up in the air and I'm listening to Michael Buble while you listen to your Wallflowers. Do you remember on our first date how we went to Divine Comedy, then got milkshakes and talked for well over an hour about who knows what, but it was comfortable? Do you remember that we went back to your apartment and started watching The Princess Bride and you fell asleep? I tried to sneak out, because I was so uncomfortable, but only made it as far as the back door until you woke up. We decided to part for the evening and I thought "well this isn't going anywhere, he fell asleep and didn't even walk me to my door." Looking back though, I'm glad you didn't. It would have been awkward and I probably would have tried to shake your hand.

Remember when you proposed and I didn't say anything. At all. For what seemed like minutes (but what was probably only a few seconds). I just couldn't believe it was all happening, and I was trying to remember all the lovely things you had just told me because I realized I should have been paying better attention. I had known what I would say, I just wasn't prepared for the event. How does one prepare for major life events anyway?

Funny the way our life has turned out, huh? We're not where we thought or planned we would be, which makes me believe God has a bigger and better plan for us. We'll keep moving forward though, my arm draped over yours (because that's more comfortable for walking than holding hands), and embrace the life that's waiting for us. Any trial with you is better than any blessing with anyone else. Thanks for choosing me.

Joseph is under that bucket. You were so cute playing with them!

While we're on the topic of gratitude, thanks for killing all the moths that come into our house (you know the moths and I are on bad terms). Thanks for forcing me to buy nice things for myself every once in while, and always supporting me when I go to the store for socks and come back with a new swimsuit, new shoes, and no socks. Thanks for always telling me the story of when you knew you were going to marry me whenever I ask, usually as we're laying in bed and I'm wide awake and you're exhausted. Thanks for always encouraging me to be understanding of my ovaries who are "doing their very best" instead of being angry and frustrated towards my body. Thanks for always reminding me that we are infertile, and it's not my fault (unless I'm intentionally sabotaging our family). Thanks for loving me because of my flaws, and not in spite of them. Thanks for encouraging me to get ready for bed even when I insist that "I'm not sweepy." Thanks for making me laugh everyday.

Thank you for making eternity with you look very promising!

With Twu Wuv,
Your Wife

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SparklingStudent said...

Rachel~ This post was one of the most sweet and heartfelt things I have ever read. I love you so much but every time I read something from your blog, I love you a little more.
I'm so glad you and Nick are so happy together :) You two make me smile!