Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Thirteen #12: Phrases I Use That Others May Not

1. Don’t be a hater. (Used when I'm feeling picked on for some reason or another.)

2. Eat your face! (This is used for intimidation purposes or as an exclamation of achievement. Example: After winning a game of Scrabble you may say “EAT YOUR FACE!!”)

3. That’s super great!

4. Poco eficiente. (Portuguese for “less efficient” taken from the old missionary guidebook, used to describe something as less effective than another something.)

5. Desculpe (It’s how you say the equivalent of “excuse me” in Portuguese.)

6. Your mom/your mom/your face/your mom's face is  __________.

7. Your thoughts? (Used to express interest in another’s views or opinions.)

8. I’m gonna beat your face in. (It sounds mean, but I only tell that to Nick to keep him in line. He always responds “I know you will.”)

9. ...all up in my grill. (Example: the other day I had seen a spider and I told Nick "That spider was all up in my grill" to which he responded "I'm sorry the spider was all up in your grill, Rach.")

10. Do you understand my concern? (Taken from the old missionary guidebook.)

11. Nich (It’s my only nickname for my husband, and I am pretty darn sure no one else calls him this.)

12. Are you listo? (In Spanish, listo means ready, so as when I am ready to go somewhere I ask Nick this question and his response is “Oh, I’m listo.”)

13. Don’t be all “Negative Nancy” up in here! (I do say this to Nick, so someone once told me I could just say “Negative Nick,” but I prefer ragging on him as Nancy rather than Nick.)

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